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HERE Location Services on Amazon Web Services

The worlds #1 location platform, available on AWS

Build location-aware apps on the AWS Cloud

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By pairing HERE Location Services-- the world’s #1 location platform-- with the broad and deep set of AWS cloud solutions, developers can solve even the most complex problems using location data. SLA-backed APIs and integration with AWS services help developers reliably infuse rich location data with their AWS applications.

Key benefits of HERE Location Services on AWS

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Strong data privacy and security

HERE Technologies and AWS share the common goal of maintaining strong security and privacy for customer data. With HERE Location Services on AWS, you can add location capability to your application without your data being compromised. HERE or AWS will never share your data or sell it to third parties.

HD Live Map with vehicle tracking

Location services and cloud solutions to support any use case

HERE Location Services includes more than 20 APIs for mapping, routing, translation between geocoordinates and addresses, and much more. When combined with AWS’s deep set of offerings for compute, storage, analytics, IoT, machine learning, and more, you can support nearly any use case that requires location data, including urban movement, enterprise fleet management, and supply chain applications.

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Reliable and stable services backed by 40 years’ experience

HERE has more than 40 years’ experience helping developers harness location data. The AWS Global Cloud Infrastructure is the most secure, extensive, and reliable Cloud Computing environment anywhere, on and off the planet. This shared maturity results in a highly reliable and stable set of services.

Tools for common platforms

A map with paths highlighted with a JavaScript logo on top.


Add feature-rich, interactive maps and location services

A map with a location marker on it with the REST logo on top.


Integrate powerful location features into your apps with flexile REST services

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iOS & Android

Maps and location services with online/offline features for your native apps

HERE Location Services can integrate with AWS services

You can use HERE Location Services on AWS to support nearly any use case that requires location data. In this example, HERE Location Services is being used in conjunction with Amazon Lex and AWS Lambda to create location-aware chatbots. View the tutorial here.

View of AWS lambda environment

 'use strict';

 const request = require('request');

 function formatResponse(sessionAttributes, fulfillmentState, assetType, region, regionFound) {

     var messageText;

     if(region != regionFound){
         messageText = `We did not find a ${assetType} in ${region} but we did find one in ${regionFound}`;
     }else if (region == regionFound)
         messageText = `We have found 1 ${assetType} in ${region}`;

     var message = {'contentType': 'PlainText', 'content': messageText};

     return {
         dialogAction: {
             type: 'Close',

 // replace with internal system call that gets realtime GPS coordinates for a given assetType
 function findAssetLocationByAssetType(assetType) {
     var assetLatLong;

     switch(assetType) {
       case 'helicopter':
         assetLatLong = '47.679506, -122.387584';  // ballard
       case 'bulldozer':
         assetLatLong = '47.570186, -122.386759';  // west seattle
       case 'delivery vehicle':
         assetLatLong = '47.603980, -122.335579';  // downtown
       case 'boat':
         assetLatLong = '47.608291, -122.338056';  // downtown
         assetLatLong = null;  // for demo purposes we only, no error handling

     return assetLatLong;

 // --------------- Events -----------------------

 function dispatch(intentRequest, callback) {

     const sessionAttributes = intentRequest.sessionAttributes;

     console.log(`dispatch userId=${intentRequest.userId}, intentName=${}`);

     const intentName =;
     const slots = intentRequest.currentIntent.slots;
     const region = slots.slotOne.toLowerCase();
     const assetType = slots.slotTwo.toLowerCase();

     var proximity = findAssetLocationByAssetType(assetType);
     var layerIds = '1001';

     const url = 'https:' +
                 '?apiKey=<YOUR_API_KEY>' +
                 '&proximity=' + proximity +
                 '&layer_ids=' + layerIds +

     request(url, { json: true }, (err, res, body) => {

                     if (err) { return console.log('err: ', err); }

                     console.log('statusCode:', res && res.statusCode);
                     console.log('body: ', JSON.stringify(body));

                     // process response
                     var regionFound = body.geometries[0].attributes.NAME.toLowerCase();
                     var distance = body.geometries[0].distance;

                     var formattedResponse = formatResponse(sessionAttributes, 'Fulfilled', assetType, region, regionFound);


 // --------------- Main handler -----------------------

 exports.handler = (event, context, callback) => {
     try {
             (response) => {
                 callback(null, response);
     } catch (err) {

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Learn now to make an Amazon Lex chatbot location-aware with HERE Location Services

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