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HERE Map Tile v2 Developer's Guide


The HERE Map Tile v2 is a REST API that allows you to request map tile images for all regions in the world. These map tiles, when combined in a grid, form a complete map of the world using the Mercator Projection.

The map tiles show different types of map information such as base map, aerial map, and traffic information. In addition, you can also obtain metadata information about specific tiles, filter POI tiles based on their categories, and show different map views depending on the geopolitical views for that location.

Not all of the functionality described in this document is available for China due to missing map content. If you have questions, contact your HERE Account Executive.

The table below lists the high level use cases for the HERE Map Tile v2.

Table 1. Main features of the HERE Map Tile v2
Feature Description
Retrieve a map tile image The HERE Map Tile v2 allows you to request for different types of map tiles such as basemap tiles, label tiles, line tiles or street tiles, and so on, by providing details such as the position, format, or zoom level.
Customize the look and feel of a map tile image The HERE Map Tile v2 lets you specify scheme, zoom level, and resolution of a map tile image.
Retrieve copyright information for a map The HERE Map Tile v2 lets you retrieve copyright information for a particular map version.
Retrieve metadata information for a specific location The HERE Map Tile v2 lets you obtain metainfo tiles that provide metadata information about specific map tiles. This metadata can then be used to enable interactivity or to obtain information about the labels or objects rendered on a tile.
Note: For more information, see these sections:
  • The Get started - HERE developer portal on how to quickly set up and start using the HERE Map Tile v2.
  • The HERE Documentation License lists the terms and conditions covering this documentation.
  • The API Reference provides descriptions of the resources, parameters, return types and error codes of the HERE Map Tile v2.
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