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HERE Map Tile v2 Developer's Guide

Base Line Map Tile (blinetile)


Returns a base map tile without buildings, house numbers and labels.


Requests against the resource must follow the pattern summarized by the following formula:

For information on how to construct the request, see Constructing a Request

Common URI Parameters

The following table lists the URI parameters that are common for all requests.

Table 1. Common URI Parameters
Parameter Type Description
col Integer (required)

col – can be any number between 0 and number of columns - 1, both inclusive.

The number of tiles per column is a function of the zoom:

number of columns = 2zoom
format String (required) Returned image format. The following image formats are supported:
  • png – PNG format, 24 bit, RGB
  • png8 – PNG format, 8 bit, indexed color
  • jpg – JPG format at 90% quality

Please note that JPG is recommended for satellite and hybrid schemes only.

map id String (required) Specifies the map version, either newest or with a hash value.

See also Map Versions.

row Integer (required)

row –  can be any number between 0 and number of rows - 1, both inclusive.

The number of tiles per row is a function of the zoom: number of rows = 2zoom .

scheme String (required) Specifies the view scheme. A complete list of the supported schemes may be obtained by using the Info resource.

Note: Be aware that invalid combinations of schemes and tiles are rejected.

Traffic Tiles and Map Tiles support the other traffic related schemes (, normal.traffic.night). In order to properly support the traffic overlay case where you would request a transparent traffic tile from Traffic Tiles and a base tile from Map Tiles, the Map Tiles also support these schemes, in addition to Traffic Tiles supporting them.

size Integer (required) Returned image size. The following sizes ([width, height]) are supported:
  • 256 = [256, 256]
  • 512 = [512, 512]
The following sizes ([width, height]) are deprecated, although usage is still accepted:
  • 128 = [128, 128]

Note: Raster coverage tiles (rctile, rconlytile and rcdistonlytile) only support 256 sizes.

zoom Integer (required) Zoom level of the map image. Minimum and maximum zoom levels are specified in the Info resource.

Mandatory Query Parameters

The following table lists the mandatory parameters that need to be specified with every request. Not specifying these parameters will make the system reject the request.

Table 2. Mandatory Query Parameters
Parameter Type Description
app_id String A URL-safe encoded string obtained during the application registration. For more information on authentication, see the Identity & Access Management Developer Guide
app_code String A URL-safe encoded string obtained during the application registration. For more information on authentication, see the Identity & Access Management Developer Guide.
Note: Use of token is accepted although it is deprecated.

Optional Query Parameters

Table 3. Optional Query parameters
Parameter Type Description
ppi Integer Pixels per inch. Resolution that can be requested, valid values are:
  • 72 – normal, used by default if no value provided
  • 250 – mobile
  • 320 – hi-res
  • 500 – 500 ppi

Note: For mobile schemes only mobile ppi value can be used, for hi-res schemes only hi-res ppi value can be used. For carnav scheme, and only normal ppi is accepted.

pview String Use this parameter to render the map with boundaries based on international or local country views. In general, the international view should be used unless the map is being used within one of those countries for which a local view is available. If the parameter is specified and the view is supported, boundaries of the selected country view are being shown. Not specifying the parameter results in a default view of boundaries, a view that's being kept for legacy purposes without maintenance.
Note: There are several ways in which this API can be used, please check Geopolitical Views for details.
Note: You should check the /meta/pviews chapter for further information about how to get the most up to date list of political views available from the service.
Note: The international view is always identified by the special code DEF.
Note: In metainfo tiles you must use this parameter if you want to see information that might be different depending on the geopolitical view.
range String Only relevant if output=base64 is also specified as a parameter range must be one of 2x2, 3x3 or 4x4, which indicates the size of the array of tiles returned. The tile specified by col and row is the top left of the array, and must divide by the array size.
style String If present, selects the style to use to render the tile. The possible values are:
  • default
Note: Only a subset of the schemes and tiles are available for the styles, which is checked at runtime. If the scheme or tile is not available for the given style , a 400 Error is generated.
Note: For specific customers and uses cases other styles have been created. A full list of styles and schemes available can be retrieved at Info. The default style always exists. Adding this style to the url or not using any style parameter renders the same results.
Note: Fleet only supports,
Note: Wings only supports,, normal.night and normal.night.grey.
Note: Dreamworks only support
Note: Flame only supports and
Note: Alps and Mini only support,,,, normal.night, normal.night.grey, pedestrian.night,, and