Routing API Developer's Guide

What Is the Routing API?

The HERE Routing API is a web service API that offers easy and fast routing for several regions in the world.

The Routing API provides the following capabilities:

  • Calculate a route for a set of waypoints
  • Calculate an area that can be reached by travelling a given distance, time or by using a given amount of fuel/energy
  • Calculate a matrix of routes between many start points and destinations

The following static routing attributes are supported in all HERE digital map formats and are available in the Routing API:

  • form of way (such as roundabouts, ramps, service roads)
  • road numbers
  • direction of traffic flow (such as one-way, two-way, divided highway)
  • road condition
  • network classifications
  • blocked passages
  • special restrictions
  • restricted maneuvers
  • toll roads
  • speed categories
  • built-up areas
  • carpool lanes (high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes)
  • seasonal closures

The map contains information about time dependent restrictions. When a restriction is enforced during specific periods (for instance, during some hours of the day, or on some specific days, or a combination of the two), the restriction is avoided only when needed given that a departure time was specified in the request.

In addition, maps can be enhanced with

  • pedestrian information
    • stairs
    • elevators
    • pathways through parks, plazas, buildings, bridges, and tunnels