Sparkmagic Extension (Windows)

Sparkmagic is a set of tools for interactively working with remote Spark clusters through Livy, a Spark REST server, in Jupyter notebooks. The Sparkmagic project includes a set of magics for interactively running Spark code in multiple languages, as well as some kernels that you can use to turn Jupyter into an integrated Spark environment.


To begin, download the Sparkmagic Extensions Utility file.

Activate the SDK conda environment:

conda activate olp-sdk-for-python-1.12-env

To run the sparkmagic extensions utility script, open a terminal and execute the sparkmagic extensions utility script file. The execution should look similar to the example below:

C:\Users\OLP> sparkmagic-extensions.bat

Sparkmagic Configured Successfully..

The Sparkmagic setup is ready.

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