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Location Services

HERE Data Hub

Manage geospatial data with our real-time cloud database


Work with data faster

Manage large volumes of geospatial data efficiently without having to set up tooling or infrastructure. 


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Update data in real-time

Edit your data as you go and see your changes reflected immediately without having to wait. 

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Maintain your workflow

Built on open standards and open principles, HERE Data Hub gives you the ease and flexibility of using your existing tools. 


Product features

HERE Data Hub CLI on laptop

Manage your data

Upload gigabytes of data in different formats using our flexible HERE Data Hub CLI. Store, organize and retrieve data in near real-time with a powerful REST API for greater control and convenience.

Visualize data directly

Display your geospatial data with the HERE Maps API for Javascript integration with HERE Data Hub. Run server-side clustering to display heat maps, hexbins, point clusters and quadbins. Easily filter large datasets to only get what you need.

Map with route using HERE Data Hub

Build apps

Combine the data management capabilities of HERE Data Hub with our Location Services such as geocoding, routing and traffic to build location-centric applications with your own data.

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Control large datasets

Advanced features such as on-demand indexing, virtual spaces, schema validation, clustering and spatial search give you the convenience and flexibility of working with very large datasets.

Features and capabilities


Quickly upload gigabytes of data in different formats including CSVs, shapefiles and streaming data with the flexible command line interface and convert them to GeoJSON with ease.


Interact directly with data stored in the geospatial repository, using API endpoints and any tool of your choice to upload, download and render data. Read, write, update and delete features with the API for greater control.


Create spaces, add and delete features, as well as search by bounding box or tags. Enable the efficient use of geospatial data for large data sets in our secure repository.


Retrieve data efficiently with tags, without querying the entire data set. Style your data as you like by using different tags to accommodate different subsets of data.

QGIS plugin

Connect and update data directly using the QGIS plugin. Publish your work and analysis in vectorized format. Upload public and personal data into QGIS for further analysis.

On-demand indexing

Filter data by requesting features from the Data Hub API, based on the data value properties. Automatically track and index properties as you upload them to be more efficient in downloading what you need.

Virtual spaces

Allow users to enter multiple spaces with one ID for easy collaboration. Bundle your spaces and work on them as one. Write changes back to the original spaces and add properties from one space into the geometries of another space.


Visualize large datasets at low zoom levels by aggregating points. Create a series of hexagon grids based on zoom level and make hexbins via the vector tile service or CLI. We also make quadbins available for larger datasets.

Command-line GIS

Access common GIS functions via the CLI, based on popular geospatial libraries like turf.js and d3.

Spatial search

Search for features in a space within the radius of a point or within a polygon in another space. View download features for further analysis.

Schema validation

Validate the data in your space by uploading a JSON schema file to describe your data formats. Records that do not match the schema are rejected, thus ensuring that the data stays consistent.

Activity log

Monitor changes to your space by activating a connector, which tracks and stores every feature modification in a separate space.

Map Gallery

Explore maps built with HERE Studio

A world of location data

map of pedestrian casualties in Florida

Vehicle and pedestrian collisions

Pedestrian accidents mapped according to location and time of day.

map of solar installations and trees in Amsterdam

Green Amsterdam

Mapping solar installations and trees by neighborhood.

map of smart street lights in San Diego

Smart streetlights in San Diego

A map of smart streetlights that share city mobility data such as parking spots.


HERE Studio

See how you can build maps with our intuitive web app. No coding necessary.


Create, manage and access private and open data using this command line tool.


Learn key concepts, get detailed examples and discover how to use the Data Hub API.

HERE Data Hub API reference

Explore the powerful REST API for accessing geospatial data.

Run Circles Around GeoJSON, Beginner to Advanced with HERE Studio and HERE Data Hub

Whether you’re new to GeoJSON or a seasoned pro, get up to speed quickly.

Include a customized map with HERE Studio in your WIX website

How to create a custom map on your personal or business website.

Use the HERE Data Hub CLI

Learn how to use the HERE Data Hub CLI to easily store and access geodata.

Work with Shapefiles with HERE Data Hub

Learn how to use Shapefiles with HERE Data Hub.

Use HERE Location Services Routing API to navigate to features hosted in the HERE Data Hub

Learn how to create an interactive routing web application with HERE Location Services and the HERE Data Hub provided by HERE.


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