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Sample Map Data for Students

Students gain free access to sample map data for 19 locations globally, to be used for educational purposes.

With 30+ years as the leading spatial data processing company, HERE understands the value of spatial data for students in GIS Engineering.

Map Data

Relational Data Format

Format which enables road network data providers to deliver data in a relational structure

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Format to spatially represent features such as Points of Interest, rivers and lakes as vector points, lines, and polygons

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3D Landmarks

The data consist of 3D model-representations of prominent buildings and locations

Data types available per city

City RDF Shapefiles 3D Landmarks
Abuja, Nigeria

Calgary, Canada

Chennai, India

Eindhoven, Netherlands

Izmir, Turkey

Karlsruhe, Germany

Kaohsiung, Taiwan

León, Mexico

Machalí, Chile

Medellin, Colombia

Nairobi, Kenya

Nonthaburi, Thailand

Osnabrück, Germany

Perth, Australia

Pichilemu, Chile

Poznań, Poland

Pune, India

Santa Cruz, Chile

Stravropol, Russia

Download sample data for free!

HERE offers sample map data to students and institutions, to be used for educational purposes, such as GIS Engineering/Analytics Thesis or PhD research.

It’s yours to download free of charge. Please complete the form to receive instant access.

By submitting this form, you are agreeing to use this data solely for academic and non-commercial purposes. For all other uses, other than the ones stated above, the standard HERE terms & conditions apply.

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