The HERE platform stores data in catalogs. A catalog is a collection of data layers, that are logically managed, and access controlled as a single set. Catalogs can contain different types of layers representing different types of stream or batch data. Some layer types are related to each other by catalog version and can be overlaid spatially to construct a complete digital map. For example, a catalog may contain a map that includes layers for road attributes, topology, and signs. While catalogs often contain geospatial data, catalogs can contain any kind of data.

A catalog can contain any combination of layer types. For more information, see Layers. You can select the region your data is stored in when creating single region and multi-region catalogs. For more information on multi-region replication, see Create a catalog.

Data sharing is controlled at the catalog level. You can share an entire catalog, including all its layers.


HERE Resource Names (HRN)

A HERE Resource Name (HRN) is a unique identifier of catalog, schema, and pipeline resources as well as of platform projects and apps. The HRN is generated automatically by the HERE platform when a resource, project, and app is created and cannot be modified. You can use the HRN to specify the project scope for requests to the HERE platform (this is recommended to enable better usage tracking). For more information, see Create a signature and Add and use billingTags.

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