Delete data from an object store layer


Currently, the blob service supports REST API versions v1 and v2. Version v1 should be used to access versioned, index and stream (if the stream payload is larger than 1MB) layers. Version v2 should be used to access the object store layer. Always pick the proper API version from API Lookup to ensure you get back the correct API version response. For instructions, see the API Lookup Developer's Guide.

The following outlines the process for deleting data from the object key:

  1. Obtain an authorization token.
  2. Get API base URLs.
  3. Delete data.

  4. Obtain an authorization token for your HTTP requests.

    For more information on obtaining an authorization token, see the

    Identity & Access Management Guide.

  5. Get the API base URLs for the blob v2 APIs for the catalog you want to publish to.

    To get the API base URLs, use the API Lookup service. For more information, see the

    API Lookup Developer's Guide.

  6. Delete data.

     DELETE /<Base path for the blob API from the API Lookup Service>/layers/<Layer ID>/keys/<Object Key> HTTP/1.1
     Host: <Hostname for the blob API from the API Lookup Service>
     Authorization: Bearer <Authorization Token>
     Cache-Control: no-cache


    We recommend that your application includes retry logic for handling HTTP 5xx errors. Use exponential backoff in the retry logic.

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