After obtaining your repository credentials, you have to change the default npm registry to the one from which Data Inspector Library projects are served. To change the registry, run the following command:

npm config set @here:registry

With that done, log in to the HERE Artifactory Repository with the following command:

npm login --registry= --scope=@here

Enter your repository username and password from the settings.xml, as well as your email address.


The command-line interface might not provide any visual feedback while you are entering your password. For example, you cannot see placeholder characters while typing your password, and the cursor might stay in the same position.

Set Up npm to Work through Proxy

In case you need to get npm to work through a proxy, you need to set proxy and https-proxy settings with the following commands:

npm config set proxy


npm config set https-proxy

Replace the URL with the URL of your proxy server.


In case you use an authenticated proxy, then the URL must contain a Username:Password pair. If you have special chars in your password, enclose the Username:Password pair in double quotes as shown below:

npm config set proxy http://"Username:Password"


npm config set https-proxy http://"Username:Password"

Once you have access to the HERE Artifactory Repository, you can find the projects for the Data Inspector Library under the @here namespace.

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