Get Started - HERE platform

This section outlines how to get started quickly using Data Inspector Library on the HERE platform:

  1. Get a HERE account
  2. Get your credentials
  3. Install Node.js
  4. Configure the npm package manager
  5. Install a WebGL enabled browser to see visualizations
  6. Install the Data Inspector library
  7. Create a simple web app


This section provides information on the minimum setup required to quickly begin using Data Inspector Library. For more detailed information on HERE account setup, project creation, service linking, app registration, and authentication, see the Identity & Access Management Developer Guide.

Get a HERE account

If your organization has signed up for HERE Workspace or HERE Marketplace, contact your organization admin who can invite you to join the HERE platform organization established for your company. You can also request a free trial of the HERE platform if your company does not have an organization established for it. For more information, see the HERE platform pricing.

Get your credentials

After you have created your HERE account, you must get your credentials. See Authentication and Authorization for more information.

Install Node.js

We recommended that you install Node.js version 12.x and above for the best Data Inspector Library experience. Install at least version 10.14.0.

Configure the npm package manager

Configure the npm package manager, shipped with Node.js. This is necessary to run the commands in this guide.

Install a WebGL enabled browser to see visualizations

The latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari all support this technology. To test your browser, go to

Install the Data Inspector Library

The Data Inspector Library consists of packages that you can obtain from the HERE Artifactory Repository. For a complete list of Data Inspector Library modules, see Library Modules Overview.

Create a simple web app

Create a simple web app that visualizes static GeoJSON data with tooltips. You can complete this example in three steps as follows:

  1. Generate base code
  2. Update GeoJSON data source
  3. Add tooltips and styles

To create the app, you require an integrated development environment (IDE) with TypeScript support. We recommend Visual Studio Code, but you can use any IDE or tools.

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