Get Your Credentials

All users of the HERE platform must obtain authentication and authorization credentials.

For the available authentication options, see the Identity & Access Management Developer Guide.

Note: Downloading the Data Client Base Library

To download the Data Client Base Library, you need repository credentials. To obtain your credentials, go to and click Create credentials to download the settings.xml file.

Credential Options

The snippets below demonstrate different ways of supplying your platform credentials to the Data Client Base Library.

When you initialize a new service client without supplying any credentials as arguments, the Data Client Base Library attempts to find your platform credentials using the default credential provider chain: a platform credentials file in the JVM classpath, the default location platform credentials download location ($HOME/.here/ and the Java system properties in that order.

Note: Billing Tags

The snippets below also demonstrate the use of the HERE platform billing tags, which you can use in requests to the HERE platform in order to later associate your requests with the invoicing for those requests.

Set Your Credentials via the Application's Configuration File

This is the recommended approach.

Based on the values in the platform credentials, include the following parameters in your application.conf file:

HERE Account {
  billing-tag = "example_billing_tag"
  credentials {
    here-account {
      here-token-endpoint-url = ""
      here-client-id = "example-client-id"
      here-access-key-id = "example-access-key-id"
      here-access-key-secret = "example-access-key-secret"

HERE Token {
  billing-tag = "example_billing_tag"
  credentials {
    here-token = "example-token"

Set Your Credentials in the Credentials File

The Data Client Base Library can read HERE access key and access secret data from the file.

  • The client looks for a file in the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) classpath.

  • A fallback location to find platform credentials is in $HOME/.here/

  • Alternatively, you can specify an alternate credentials file location in the application.conf file. {
    billing-tag = "example_billing_tag"
    credentials {
     file-path = "/path/"

Example of credentials properties file: = example-here-user-id

Set Your Credentials via Java System Properties

To set your credentials via Java System Properties, define the following:

HERE Account"""example-client-id""example-access-key-id""example-access-key-secret"

HERE Token"example-token"

Set Your Credentials Programmatically

To set your HERE account programmatically, include the following in your project:

val someCredentials = Some(
    Some("some-token-scope <optional>")
val client = BaseClient(ConfigFactory.load(), credentials = someCredentials)
HereAccountCredentials someCredentials =
    new HereAccountCredentials.Builder()
        .withHereTokenScope("some-token-scope <optional>")
BaseClient client = new BaseClientJava.Builder().withCredentials(someCredentials).build();

To set your HERE token programmatically, include the following in your project:

val someCredentials = Some(HereTokenCredentials("some-access-token"))
val client = BaseClient(ConfigFactory.load(), credentials = someCredentials)
HereTokenCredentials someCredentials =
    new HereTokenCredentials.Builder().withHereToken("some-access-token").build();
BaseClient client = new BaseClientJava.Builder().withCredentials(someCredentials).build();

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