This document contains a set of developer tutorials to provide an overview of available HERE Workspace functionalities.

This set of tutorials teaches you how to create applications using the Workspace. These tutorials also introduce you to the key concepts and functionalities of the Workspace's primary components.

For more information about the HERE Data SDK for Java & Scala, see HERE Data SDK for Java & Scala.

For a list of the HERE Workspace components and their uses, see the Which Tool to Use?.

For the terms and conditions covering this documentation, see the HERE Documentation License.


List of tutorials

Verify that you have access to the HERE platform portal, and that you have configured the Maven settings (Repository Credentials) and HERE Credentials (platform Credentials).

The HERE Workspace offers a wide range of functionality along a rich software stack. This series of tutorials guides you along the Workspace major components:

All the tutorials strive to be single-file code, with a single-file build system, for ease of readability and copy-pasting snippets into your IDE.

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