The HERE Workspace allows you to define schemas to enable the sharing and transfer of data with others and with the Workspace pipelines. The Workspace uses protobuf files to define these schemas. For more information on protobuf files, see protocol buffers. For more information about schemas, see Data API.

We recommend that you keep your schema projects separate from your processor projects and then include the schema projects as a dependency. This simplifies maintenance, clearly separates schema versions from your processor versions, and allows for better encapsulation and inheritance. You may also keep schemas which have been generated from projects, private in the Workspace or share private schemas with others.

The SDK provides a schema Maven Archetype for setting up a schema project.

The creation of a Data Schema consists of the following basic steps:

  1. Generate a schema project using the provided archetype.
  2. Define a data schema.
  3. Publish the schema artifact.

After you published schema, you can do the following:

  • Include it to your streaming or batch project as a Maven dependency.
  • Share your schema with others.
  • Use it with your own data layers.

For more information, see Create and Extend Schemas.

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