Version: 1.12

Data SDK for Python is a wrapper for a well known open source set of analytics and data engineering tools that have been modified to work with HERE data.

The Data SDK for Python contains:

  1. Data SDK for Python - Analytics: Provides a full environment enabling exploration, analysis, and visualization of the platform data and services including Jupyter notebooks and Python.
  2. Data SDK for Python - Core: Provides a library to interact with the platform data and services within your Python applications. This is for those who do not require additional Jupyter notebook support.
  3. HERE MLflow Plugin: This optional plugin allows you to manage Machine Learning (ML) experiments on the platform and share with others, or make it available on the HERE Marketplace.
  4. Data SDK for Python with Spark (DEPRECATED): This optional install enables Spark job execution using the platform services. Its installation and configuration is optional for users seeking to use advanced distributed computing.


    Data SDK for Python with Spark is DEPRECATED and no longer actively supported. Alternate support for Python based distributed processing will be added in a future release.

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