Thank you for choosing the HERE Data SDK for Python. After the setup, kindly consider filling out this short 1-minute survey to help us improve the setup experience.


The HERE Data SDK for Python allows you to use familiar libraries, frameworks, and engineering tools for fast and easy access to HERE platform content, services, and Marketplace. It allows for exploration, analysis, and visualization of HERE data in your own environment, accelerating your analysis and machine learning on large-scale location data. HERE Data SDK for Python can be used together with leading data science Jupyter Notebooks / Jupyter Lab, or independently in a Python script-based workflow.

In addition to enabling core HERE platform interaction, Data SDK for Python provides high level methods for common location intelligence use cases and tasks, minimizing the amount of custom code a Python developer needs to write and accelerating time-to-insight from location data. When used within a Jupyter environment, the Data SDK for Python also provides interactive visualization capabilities needed for data analysis and exploration.

To install the HERE Data SDK for Python packages, first complete the Credentials Setup and then follow instructions given in the Installation section of this document. For your convenience, you may select and optionally install only the relevant packages within the SDK that are applicable for your use.

Supported Operating Systems

The HERE Data SDK for Python currently supports Windows, MacOS and Linux distributions.

Supported Python Versions

The HERE Data SDK for Python requires Python 3.8 or above.

HERE is committed to respecting your privacy and to complying with applicable data protection and privacy laws. For more information, see the HERE Privacy Charter.

For more information on HERE data security and durability best practices, see the Data API.

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