Exclusions and limitations

SLA は以下には適用されません。

  • Data quality, freshness or other data guarantees other than the ability to read and write it as described above
  • New Data or Pipeline API operation Requests that were configured in workflows and started during operation downtimes
  • APIs not covered by the SLO commitment
  • Any item not defined in this document
  • China and South Korea regions
  • API Requests against Volatile layers which have redundancy configured as “single-instance”
  • API Requests against catalogs under Evaluation subscription
  • Equipment or functionality, e.g., internet connectivity, underlying cloud infrastructure, which is outside of the sole control of HERE as reasonably proven by HERE
  • 顧客の誤りまたは不作為によって作成されたインシデント
  • HERE の仕様、契約、不可抗力事象に準拠していない使用
  • Service integrations not complying with the basic operational guidelines stated in these terms
  • Invalid Requests, including but not limited to Requests which are throttled, or when quotas are applied
  • Pipeline Service Availability does not guarantee:
    • The completion of the requested pipeline operation within a certain period of time (Pipeline Service Availability guarantees the acceptance of the pipeline operation Request)
    • The uptime of a running pipeline or the uptime of the underlying technologies used by a running pipeline

HERE will make commercially reasonable efforts to protect its assets and services against threats and attacks that could impact Service Availability. In case of a large-scale attack, HERE might not be able to maintain Service Availability at expected levels and reserves the right to claim such an event as non-SLA impacting.

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